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Once you dive into digital photography, you'll find yourself facing a wide variety of new issues. Whether you're a professional photographer, or simply want to produce professional-looking images, you need a source for answers. At just over 550 pages and targeted at beginning and intermediate photographers, this book is ideal for advanced amateurs, photography students, educators, graphic designers, and professional photographers who require a comprehensive and thorough resource.

Real World Digital Photography addresses the wide range of topics surrounding digital photography, including up-to-date descriptions of the latest camera technology, expert advice for taking better photographs, and tips and techniques for establihsing an efficient editing workflow, creating panoramas and HDR images, and preparing images for output in print and on the Web. Filled with full color images this book intorduces you to how a digital camera works (and how that can affect how you photograph), how to improve your photography and digital darkroom skills, and offers insightful information based on the many years the three authors have worked with digital photography and digital imaging.

Table of Contents


How digital cameras work and how that affects your shooting technique

Choosing the digital camera that's best for you

Fundamentals of photography, including how to get the best exposures possible, deal with diffiuclt lighting situations and improve composition

How to assemble a digital darkroom that will serve your needs for years to come

Practical workflow and developing techniques using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to improve tone, contrast and color.

Using Photoshop CS5 to create multi-image panoramas and High Dynamic Range (HDR) images.

Detailed coverage of Lightroom's Slide Show and Web modules showing you how to create great presentations and web photo galleries.

Filled with professional insights to help you get better results from your digital camera

Table of Contents

PART ONE: Digital Photography Essentials

* Ch. 01: Nuts & Bolts of Digital Imaging
* Ch. 02: How a Digital Camera Works
* Ch. 03: Essential Accessories

PART TWO: Digital Photography Techniques

* Ch. 04: Digital Photography Foundations
* Ch. 05: Seeing the Light
* Ch. 06: Multiple Exposures and Extending the Frame

PART THREE: The Digital Darkroom

* Ch 7: Building a Digital Darkroom
* Ch 8: Working in the Digital Darkroom

PART FOUR: Output, Manage and Presnt

* Ch 09: From Capture to Monitor to Print
* Ch 10: The Digital Portfolio

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