Tim Grey

Tim Grey Tim Grey is regarded as one of the top educators in digital photography and imaging, offering clear guidance on complex subjects through his writing and speaking. He loves learning as much as he possibly can about digital imaging, and he loves sharing that information even more.
Tim’s work combines several of his greatest passions: technology, teaching, photography, writing, and travel. All of these have been part of his life in some way for as long as he can remember, and became a major focus starting in high school. He has been focused on digital photography and imaging for over 10 years.

Tim has written more than a dozen books on digital imaging for photographers, including the best-selling Photoshop CS4 Workflow and Take Your Best Shot. He has also had hundreds of articles published in magazines such as Digital Photo Pro, Outdoor Photographer, and PC Photo, among others. He publishes the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter, as well as the Digital Darkroom Quarterly print newsletter. Tim teaches through workshops, seminars, and appearances at major events. He is a member of the Photoshop World Dream Team of Instructors.

With such a busy schedule, Tim doesn't get much time to actually take pictures. He squeezes in as much photography as he can during his business travels, and also takes advantage of every opportunity to photograph near his home in Bellevue, Washington.

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