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"At a time when there is a plethora of books offering technical information for the photographer wishing to gain access to what is going on in digital photography one book stands out for the wealth of information and the simplicity with which such knowledge is transmitted. I don't think that even professionals with experience can go through this book without finding a diversity of very useful and important information. Written by Katrin Eisman, Sean Duggan and Tim Grey, this book deserves to be on your shelf right next to your computer regardless if you are a working photographer, a teacher, or an art critic (especially the latter ones, who many times do not have a clue of what they are writing about)."

--Pedro Meyer, ZoneZero.com
  April 2004

"The best piece of advice I can offer to a digital photographer is "Know your camera — read the user guide!" The second best of advice is "Buy this book!" This is practical information about everything from selecting a camera to understanding the settings, metering light, building a digital darkroom, enhancing and printing images, creating a digital portfolio, archiving and storing images, and more. As you can see, this book covers all aspects of digital photography, from getting started right through the finished product. And this is no-nonsense info, the type of background necessary for the 'real world'."

--Peter Bauer, Photoshop User
  April, 2004

"These three competent authors take readers through digital imaging from concept (Why Digital?) through color management, to the final printed image. It's true that a lot of books on the shelves cover the digital imaging waterfront nowadays. The difference with Real World Digital Photography is that the authors don't gloss over the concepts and simply rewrite 'marketing' material. Instead, they give you understandable background on all the concepts. That background makes all the difference because without it, if anything goes wrong, you are often clueless on how to resolve it. There is little chance of that happening if you read this book."

--Charlotte K. Lowrie, MSN Photos
   April, 2004

"This is the most comprehensive digital photography book we've seen. From equipment to shooting to the digital darkroom, it's packed with clearly written descriptions, tips, and techniques that will help you set up, use, and maintain the digital level best suited to your needs. Its coverage of computer photo enhancement rivals most dedicated Photoshop books. Stock photographers will find the final chapter, "Archive, Catalog, and Backup," especially useful."

-- David Arnold & Gail Rutman,
   Photo Stock Notes; February, 2004

Reader Comments

"Not only did both my wife and I devour this one from cover to cover, but when one of us would put it down the other would grab it. It's a fantastic book, and a must-read for anyone who's serious about digital photography."

"Real World Digital Photography arrived last week. Yvonne and I are both reading it and we want to jointly commend you on the writing. You guys are so good I actually think that I am beginning to understand some of this stuff!"

"Your section on the Histogram is the clearest and best explanation I’ve ever read, it really brings the whole point home as to how one uses and reads the intimidating histogram."

"I received a copy of the book and I must say WOW. I think you really did an incredible job and am especially impressed with Chapters 10 and 11. We will be putting this book on our must have reading list for D-65 workshops. I actually just bought a copy as a gift for someone as well!"

"I've been remiss in emailing you to thank you for the copy of Real World Digital Photography. It's another triumph -- a detailed yet approachable guide that, unlike so many books, gives equal weight to art and science."

"It's a pleasure to have such a hands-on such digital photography bible! Waiting for more books by you."

"Great book, folks. Just exactly what I needed to help make my switch from film to digital a relatively painless reality instead of the frustrating experience it was becoming. The book covers all the basics, and more, in a systematic and exceptionally well written manner. Thanks a bunch."

"My initial impression is that I could teach a digital photography course doing full workflow from capture to Photoshop and output using only this one book."

"I am a beginner photographer, apart from point and shoot snaps. I have owned 2 other digcams (including the first Apple Quicktake!). I use Photoshop 6.0. I have bought and read many photography articles and books. Yours is absolutely wonderful! I finally understand things and hope to get better."

"I have read most of the new book and am very impressed with it. This book, combined with your photo retouching book, make for a great reference set for those wanting to greatly improve their pictures."

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