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The image downloads in this section are for the Photoshop tutorials in Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 of Real World Digital Photography, 2nd Edition. If you own a copy of the book, then you are free to download them so that you can use them to follow along with the image editing examples in the book. If you do not own a copy of the book, please purchase one so that you can take advantage of these tutorials. In many cases you can also use similar images of your own, but many people prefer to have the images from the book to work on, so we have provided them here.

Copyright Notice:

All images posted here are for the sole use of the owners of the book Real World Digital Photography for completion of the tutorial examples contained in the book, and may not be distributed or reproduced by any means possible. Image copyright remains with the original copyright holder. Images may not be commercially printed or used in public or private lecture, classroom, or presentation environments. All images have been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. Clicking on an image link and downloading it to your computer means that you have agreed to respect the copyright on all downloaded images. As photographers, we make our living from the images we create, so please respect and honor our copyrights.

If you are an instructor who wants to use our book in a classroom situation, please see the additional information at the end of this page regarding image downloads.

Downloading Instructions:

All images are posted as individual JPEG files. None are larger than 400k and the average size is about 225K.

For Windows users: To download the file to your hard drive - Right click on the image link and select Save Target As (Internet Explorer) or Save Link As (Netscape).

For Mac users: To download the file to your hard drive - Control click on the image link and select Download Link to Disk (Internet Explorer); Save This Link to Disk (Netscape); or Download Image to Disk (Safari).

For those with fast download connections, we will soon be posting Stuffit and ZIP archives for both Mac and Windows users so you can download each chapter's images with just one click. Stay tuned.

Chapter 10
Essential Image Enhancement

Page 453:
Finding the Brightest & Darkest Points;
Using the Levels Eyedroppers to Set White & Black Points

Star_Tail.jpg (232k)

Page 464:
Adding Contrast with an S-Curve

Waterflower.jpg (268k)

Page 466:
Reducing Contrast with a Reverse S-Curve

Garden_Steps.jpg (284k)

Page 476:
Color Correction with Color Balance

Family.jpg (332k)

Page 478:
Color Correction with Levels

SierraLake.jpg (400k)

Page 481:
Using the Gray Eyedropper in Levels

Gray_Eyedropper.jpg (348k)

Page 485:
Auto Color Correction (with Manual Override)

Polyphemus_Moth.jpg (336k)

Page 494:
Removing Objects with the Clone Tool

Park_Trees.jpg (352k)

Page 498:
Retouching Sensor Dust Spots with the Healing Brush

HealingBrush-1.jpg (316k)

Page 502:
Retouching with the Patch Tool

Waterflower.jpg (268k)

Page 510:
Perspective Cropping

Hotel_Webster.jpg (292k)

Chapter 11
Digital Darkroom Expert Techniques

Page 541:
Building Selections with Color Range

Wagon_Wheels.jpg (216k)

Page 569:
Combining Exposures to Extend Dynamic Range

Pool_Highlights.jpg (184k)
Pool_Shadows.jpg (212k)

Page 577:
Stitching Panoramas

Beachpano_Left.jpg (352k)
Beachpano_Right.jpg (328k)

Page 587:
Retouching Chromatic Aberration & Color Fringing

Chromatic_Aberration.jpg (200k)

For Instructors

The three of us all teach classes and workshops on digital photography and Photoshop. Many of these tutorial examples have their origins in material that we have developed and successfully used in many of our classes over the years. As an instructor, you are familiar with all the hard work that goes into developing detailed course materials. If you would like to use Real World Digital Photography as a class text we ask that you respect all the work that we have put into this book by not copying pages, downloading the images to distribute to your class, or otherwise reproducing the information, even if paraphrased, without proper attribution and permission. If this book is used in a class setting, then it should be as an assigned course text and every student needs to have a copy of the book.

If you are interested in information about academic sales of this book, please contact Zigi Lowenberg or Jackie Hill at Peachpit Press.

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